Mindset Matters 1: Your Why


Identifying changes you want to make can come pretty easy, but assessing your “why” is imperative. The “why” behind the changes we want to make is what keeps us on the path of making those changes and of showing up for ourselves. This activity will help you to identify your “why”, and have you write it down so that you don’t start to shift it as the month goes along in your mind’s eye. 

This activity can be done by anyone making a change this January to better themselves. It doesn’t even have to be about the drinking spectrum, but definitely can be if you’d like! 

  1. Find yourself in a comfortable space, and gather something to write with and something to write on (even if it’s noted on your phone). Preferably, this would be a space where in which you will be uninterrupted. You may want to put on some music. 
  2. Before you begin, take 3 deep breaths with your eyes closed. This is to focus your attention on the present moment. These should be the deepest breaths you’ve taken all day. 
  3. Write down 1 January change that comes to your mind in as few words as you can. This should be the one you’ve thought the most about.  
  4. Below this, allow yourself to free-write about the “why” behind this change. Don’t put pressure on yourself to write perfectly, or even in full sentences. Whatever comes to mind, write it down. If big feelings arise for any reason, allow them to move through you and onto the page. You can also doodle, scribble, or draw. This should be more than one sentence and should go on for a little while, as it can take a bit to really crack open. What is the “why” behind the “why”? It may take you some time to really work it out and gain and handle on it. 
  5. Once you feel you have found your “why”, write down the next 3 steps you can take to begin to achieve this change. 
  6. If your change involves a repeatable process, or is something that you want to commit to doing daily, take this time to put alerts in your phone to help remind you. Add emojis for fun touches, and throughout this process be super kind to yourself. 
  7. Last but not least, write down what you think might keep you from achieving this change, or what has hindered you in the past. Write these things down on the same piece of paper, but lower down with plenty of space above it.
  8. When you have finished writing down what might keep you from achieving this change, tear out that bit of the page and rip it into the smallest tiniest pieces you can, and throw it away. Trim the page with scissors so you don’t even notice where the portion of the page was ripped, and eventually, you forget it was even there. Place the rest of your sheet somewhere that you will see it every day.
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