Mindset Matters Activity 4: The Home Stretch

Jan-YOU-ary is almost over and soon we will be looking straight into the unknown. It’s time for your seventh-inning stretch. 

This week’s activity is all about The Home Stretch and has ideas to help you keep going. There should never be a light at the end of the tunnel, and there should never be a thought of “okay, I did it, and now I can go back to X” No! No matter what change you made, and even whether you were successful or not, have proved to yourself that you are capable of listening to yourself and your need to grow. Think about what is coming down the pipeline now and let these ideas further support you as you continue to grow into the best you! 

It’s always important to look at what comes next. 

  1. Accountability Buddy! Explain to a close friend what comes next and what you’re worried about and think about how they might be able to help support you. 
  2. Look At Your Budget! Take a look at your spending habits and if they were or were not affected during this time period. Really dig into them and set yourself (and your goals) up for further success. 
  3. Reward Yourself! We know we talked about being gentle with ourselves and refining and editing our original idea, but if you accomplished ANYTHING this past period, you deserve a reward. Not something that will completely throw you off, but something to keep you going. Treat yo-self! 
  4. Schedule Accomplishment Time! Put an alert on your phone and set aside time to achieve your goals and even go as far as putting your “Why” in here too. Not only will you be reminded that you made it a point to do something, but you also will remember “why” you are doing it. 
  5. Slow Down! Breathe, meditate, and relax. Take the pressure off. Even if you’ve pushed this past month, stop and think about what that achieved for you. Was the pace right? Do you need to adjust? Do you need a break before you try again? Spoiler Alert! A break is just a step to achieving your goal- is it NOT giving up!
  6. Document Your Progress! Continue the practice of documenting your journey in whatever way makes sense for you. Look back over the other Mindset Matters activities and make space for yourself. 
  7. ANY DAY CAN BE 01/01. Literally, any day can be your first day. Any day can be the day that you take the step toward bettering yourself. Don’t get bogged down that you missed 01/01. Pick a day, and make it happen, captain! 
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