Salt, Lime, and Summertime: Celebrate National Tequila Day

Margarita in Spanish…means Daisy! The Daisy dates back to the 1800s and to say she started it all is an understatement. Originally made with brandy, lemon juice, and curacao, the Daisy became the inspiration for cocktails like the beloved Cosmo, the Sidecar, and of course, the Margarita.

Here is a roundup of our favorite Margarita origin stories that we’ve found:

  • The drink was invented in 1938 for a Ziegfield showgirl by Mexican restaurant owner Carlos (Danny) Herrara for Marjorie King who could only drink tequila and couldn’t stomach it straight- so lime juice and salt were added.
  • It was created by a Texan socialite named Margaret Sames in 1948 at her house party which Tommy Hilton attended, who then brought the drink to his Hilton hotels.
  • It was created for Rita Hayworth (real name, Margarita) while she was on a gig in Tijuana in the 40s.
  • Our personal favorite though is that an Irish bartender named Mr. Madden meant to make a Daisy with brandy accidentally grabbed the wrong bottle, adding tequila instead. Thankfully the customer loved it and told all of his friends.

We hope right now you’re going “huh! That’s kinda cool but also very complicated” Welcome to our world. While you ponder, we want you to enjoy your Tequila day this year by taking %15 of on our spicy variety pack- where you can “swap” the traditionally called for spirit for tequila- who knows- you just might mix up the world’s next most popular tequila cocktail! CODE: TEQUILADAY15

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