Why You Need To Get Behind The Apéritif This Summer...

Why You Need To Get Behind The Apéritif This Summer...

Picture this: You've got a summer calendar as packed as your beach cooler but here at Hella we can't let you miss a single celebration! If you add one more thing to your activities this summer- let it be Aperitivo Hour. 

Alcohol or no alcohol, let’s talk about the art of the Apéritif, AKA the delicious beverage meant to stimulate the appetite- and why you need to get behind it and Aperitivo hour this summer. Basically, Aperitivo hour is the original pregame. 

What it means…The 19th century French word "Apéritif"comes from medieval Latin aperitivus, based on Latin aperire meaning 'to open.' An Apéritif is a beverage meant to whet the appetite and prepare the palate (and the stomach) for food. “Aperitivo hours”, popular in Europe, are light snacks and Apéritifs before an evening of food and drink commences. 

What it is...Apéritifs are botanical or bitter spirits or fortified wines and are most often lower proof, as the appetite can be diminished when there’s too much alcohol. They are also served as carbonated beverages to further open up the nuances of flavor. An Aperol spritz is an example of a popular apéritif. 

Apéritif vs. Digestif…A Digestif sits opposite an Apéritif and is served at the end of a large meal to aid digestion. Both may be botanically inspired, however, a digestif tends to be more bitter and sweet with less acidity. Digestifs include Brandy and Amaros. 

How does Apéritif relate to Hella? We categorize our Bitters & Soda as a “non-alcoholic sparkling Apéritif” The combination of the botanicals in the bitters and the carbonation makes for the perfect beverage to sip before an evening event or a big meal. For low abv, mix them with your favorite spirit. For no abv, enjoy them right out of the can- or pair them with a non-alcoholic spirit. The possibilities are endless (and all delicious). 

Our Classic Dry Aromatic is the OG of Bitters & Soda- crack a can and pour over ice for a innovation unlike any other. 

Grapefruit is sugar free and brings in thoughtful notes of deeply delicious citrus. The perfect addition to your summer cooler. 

Bittersweet Spritz is serving total and complete non-alcoholic Negroni vibes and is our pick for Aperitivo hour, anytime.

When you start your night with beverages, bites, and buds- you really can't go wrong. So- Aperitivo Hour for all this summer? Yes please. 

Need to stock up on Bitters & Soda in to prepare for preparing for your evening? We got you.  Click here to check out Bitters & Soda on Amazon. 


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