Mint Julep

This old American drink was enjoyed way before the Kentucky Derby. It's also pretty much the only famous whiskey cocktail that has a true seasonality to it. This is a sweet drink, but when made right, it's just perfect to quench that hot summer sun. It does look especially dapper alongside a seersucker or stunning as an accessory to a spring dress, but it tastes just as good in shorts and flip flops. We added orange bitters to the top of the crushed ice to give the aromatics from the mint a unique little something extra.

Mint Julep Recipe by

It helps to have julep cups, but if you don't you can do this in a highball as well.

Prepping time: / Cook time: / Total time: / Servings: 1 drink
  • 2 oz bourbon
  • 1 oz mint syrup*
  • 3 dashes Hella Bitters Citrus
  • crushed ice**
  • fresh mint sprigs for garnish
    1. Combine bourbon and mint syrup in a shaker and stir without ice.
    2. Fill a julep cup with crushed ice.
    3. Pour bourbon mixture over crushed ice.
    4. Dash Citrus Bitters on top.
    5. Carefully stick a couple mint sprigs into the cup so you have lots of leaves just above is.
    6. Enjoy their scent while drinking.

    *Mint syrup is easy and will last for a couple weeks in your fridge. Bring to a simmer 1 part water. Add 1 part sugar and stir until dissolved. Add handful fresh mint leaves and simmer for five minutes. Remove from heat and let cool completely. Strain off mint leaves when cool.

    **To crush ice at home just take ice cubes and wrap them in a cloth napkin or towel. Then using a rolling pin, heavy pan or another blunt object smash the ice thoroughly.

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