Hella Cocktail Kit Gift Guide 2022

Hello again! It is I, Poppy the elf of the North Pole. I loved answering all of your questions yesterday and although I am tired (It’s a busy time of year!) I’m so excited to put together this list of Holiday gift sets all including my favorite company, Hella Cocktail Co.

1. Ryes & Fall Box from Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon packs not 1 but 3 cocktails into each other their gift sets! Wow! The alcohol is not included, meaning you get to pick your favorite. This box is meant to be paired with Canadian Rye Whisky. A must for any whisky fan! Is someone on your super-nice list? Get them a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription!

2. Imbibe Better Box from Better Rhodes

The Imbibe Better box is brilliant! It’s completely alcohol-free and perfect for friends and family who are choosing not to imbibe. Better Rhodes says “choosing to be alcohol-free today, tomorrow, or indefinitely does not mean you have to sacrifice taste” This set also comes with so much! A variety of non-alcoholic but still elevated and delicious beverages. If someone you know is sober, why not make them feel just at home as everyone else by giving them this fun mixology box to explore?

3. Packed With Purpose Happy Hour Snacks

It’s all the name, folks! Packed With Purpose prioritizes (lots of Ps) giving back. PWP was born of a desire to create social impact while recognizing the importance of gifting. This is where you want to get the gift for your team or clients, as they have a whole corporate gifting structure, but you can also shop for personal gifts for your friends and family. Best part? You can pop “Hella” in the search bar! Pictured here is “Happy Hour Snacks” Wait… I like snacks!

4. NYC Food Tour Gift Tower from Chelsea Market Baskets

Alexa, play “New York, New York”! This gift tower is totally and completely epic and is the biggest of all of the baskets I am sharing with you today. It already includes some of my other favorite NYC brands like Queen Majesty Hot Sauce and Mike’s Hot Honey. I dream of one day wandering the streets of New York City at Christmas time. I heard an elf did that once…Buddy I think his name was. For now though- this basket will do!

All of these gifts are sure to wow this holiday season, I should know. I’m an Elf.   



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