• Bitter Honey Vinaigrette

    Bitter Honey Vinaigrette
    *** Fresh, seasonal fruit along with creamy goat cheese rolled in toasted sesame seeds pair nicely with the slightly sharp bite of the bitters vinaigrette in a simple salad. Recipe Contribution by:ย The Coastal Table ย 
  • Citrus Salmon with Gremolata

    Citrus Salmon with Gremolata
    *** Hints of citrus glaze the salmon before baking, while the gremolata finishes it off, adding a bright freshness over the top right before serving.ย  ย 
  • Apple Cardamom Cable Knit Pie

    Apple Cardamom Cable Knit Pie
    *** If there's one thing we find more welcoming than the crack of cocktail ice, it's the cozy aroma of freshly baked pie. That's why, every March 14th, we infuse everyone's favorite mathematical constant with a few healthy dashes of Hella bitters. Happy Pi Day!
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