Zodiac Valentine’s Day Picks

What better way to pick a gift for your Valentine than to look to the stars! Below, you’ll find Hella Valentine’s Day gift picks for your love based on their zodiac sign (and we won’t judge if you also throw something in your cart for yourself too)...

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This is the big one. Valentine’s day and birthday combined. No pressure. Progressive, Original, and Independent. Aquarius loves a conversation, so we recommend a double whammy of our OG, Aromatic bitters, and our Old Fashioned Syrup. Great for classic cocktails like Old Fashioneds and Manhattans and an epic conversation starter about the interesting history of cocktails as a whole.



Artistic and Intellectual, Pisces moves with the tides but likes to have a little sparkle, too. Our Eucalyptus bitters should do the trick. An interesting, relaxing, and refreshing flavor will make this water sign feel right at home.


Fiery, Courageous, Confident, and Determined- Smoked Chili Bitters and Spicy Bloody Mary Mix. Let’s face it- your Aries is the one that will start the party at brunch time and will be there rocking with you until the end. Something spicy and fun for them to get the party started is the perfect pair.


Reliable, Patient, Responsible- A go-to no matter what, your Taurus needs something that will be comfortable and delicious no matter what they want to mix it with (or if they even want to mix it at all). Moscow Mule mix, just like your Taurus is a steady bet in any situation.


The Twins! Curious and adaptable- Your Gemini is always looking for the next new thing that they can dive into and figure out. That’s where our Bitters & Soda comes in. The first of its kind, our Bitters & Soda unlocks complex flavors and easily adapts to nearly any flavor pallet. For Gemini, I recommend crisp refreshing Grapefruit.


Let your Cancer’s refreshing yet creative personality shine with our Citrus Bitters. This expertly crafted flavor profile will take your cancer just a touch outside their comfort zone, and drop the hint that these citrus bitters are divine in homemade whipped cream and see what happens :)


Creative, Proud, Generous- Your Leo needs something to experiment with, and for the rockstar of the zodiac, and the rockstar of your heart, they need the rockstar of our bitters lineup- and that award easily goes to our Smoked Chili Bitters. They are loud and proud, just like your libra.


Analytical, Kind, Hardworking- Virgos are kind and cautious, they always want everyone to have something to enjoy without pressure. Our Bitters & Soda Spritz and Dry provide just that. Great for making cocktails or mocktails- with or without sugar, your Virgo can enjoy it however they like it, and make sure the people around them are comfortable and enjoying it too.


Diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded- Libras are reliable and dependable. They always have the solution. For your Libra, I recommend our Bitters 5 flavor bar set. So many different flavors and ways to experiment, resulting in countless combinations for your Libra to share.


Passionate, Brave, Powerful- Let’s face it. Scorpios have it going on. For them, our Mexican Chocolate bitters. Sexy, creative, and with a touch of spice, these Mexican Chocolate Bitters will hit all the Scorpio nails right on the head.


Sagittariuses like to live on the edge. They want the most of everything and for lack of a better term, they want to have their cake and eat it too. For them, our Bitters & Soda Ginger Turmeric with extra Ginger Bitters on top. Your Sag not a fan of ginger? No problem! Habanero Margarita Mix. Spicy, zesty, and fun, just like your Sag.


Capricorns are classy and classic. They are more organized and smarter than everyone else in the room but are too polite to say that (most of the time). Our Bitters & Soda 2pack with classic Aromatic and Orange so that they can perfect their favorite classic cocktails, and the 2pack fits in any carry-on or purse for on-the-go simplicity.

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