With Hella, It's More than a Margarita

Eddie Simeón grew up in a multicultural Mexican-Filipino-American family in Oakland, California. Like many grandchildren of immigrants, language was not his primary anchor to his roots. Instead, traditional comfort foods like albondigas, enchiladas, lumpia, leche flan, and calimanci were his gateway to the rich traditions of his familial homelands. Food is Eddie’s central connection to Mexican and Filipino culture, and as it turns out, his passion as an entrepreneur.

You’re invited during this season to a joyous festival that tells the story of Hella’s woven and authentic Hispanic Heritage and creates space at the table for you to learn and celebrate authentically. One that honors the eternal bonds of family for Dia de los Muertos and passes you mementos that you can then turn and pass along to the next. With Hella, this season and celebration is more than a margarita- with Hella, you too can celebrate the very spirit of life.

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