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When you have that perfect cocktail at your favorite bar, it’s no secret what makes it the best: the ingredients. And that’s where we started when creating our recipes. Once you have those quality building blocks, it’s all about finding the perfect balance of flavor. Our ingredient list certainly pales in comparison to your average mixer, but it can still be a daunting task to keep your own bar stocked with all the essentials. So, we’ve put them all in a ready-to-pour bottle for you. Stress less, enjoy more!

“Hella Cocktail Co. mixes are make with more real fruit juice and no fake stuff”

We started with the booziest meal time around, brunch. Inspired by a Bloody Mary recipe we created for a cocktail bar, that just happened to be named one of the “11 Best Bloody Marys in NYC” by Timeout NY, we decided to bring our passion for great drinks right into your home bar.

When we figured out how to make a Bloody Mary mix that any host could serve with pride, we challenged ourselves to take on one of the most classic party cocktails: The Margarita. Most home mixers are neon in color and cloyingly sweet. But, like our syrups and bitters, we don’t rely on processed sugar to make an enjoyable beverage. Because when you close your eyes and think back to the number one margarita in your memory, the first flavor you think of should be limes. That perfect harmony of sweet, sour and tart, with just a hint of excitement that we call sea salt. That pairing starts with using 48% lime juice by concentrate compared to 30% or less found in other versions. If you want a cheap margarita, you can go for the electric yellow stuff, but if you want a good one…you know where to find us.

We’ve got Spicy versions of our Bloody Mary and Margarita Mixers. Everything about them mimics our standard recipes with just a touch more spice. Adding a little red pepper to give you another bump of heat. If that’s still not enough, try adding our Hella Smoked Chili Bitters.

Don’t call it a comeback, but rather a kickback…we are talking mules after all, Moscow Mules to be exact. The original concoction may have been a “fluke” to serve the interests of three entrepreneurs who needed to catch a break. 75 years later and that fluke has been recreated by another three entrepreneurs who’ve had their break and just want you to enjoy a great cocktail in the comfort of your home. We’re not new to playing with ginger, so we only deal in real. That, lime juice and a hint of heat is what makes ours a great base for a whole host of cocktails.


Cocktail Syrups###syrups###


Hella Cocktail Syrups are different than what you’re used to, and that’s just the way we like it. We wanted them to embody everything that Hella stands for so we made sure to use only the best all-natural ingredients, combined with just the right amount of cane sugar. Our 72-hour infusion of bark, fruit peel, and whole spices result in not too sweet and perfectly bitter syrups that make an excellent dry soda or a light and refreshing mixed drink or cocktail. Our formulas – Tonic, Hibiscus and Cola Syrups – are unlike anything out there; they're simple but far from plain.

“not too sweet and perfectly bitter”

Each of our Tonic, Hibiscus and Cola Syrups were created to be unique and with cocktail lovers in mind. Our Tonic Syrup is a version of the classic – citrus peel, lemongrass, and plenty of aromatics make this not-too-sweet concentrate perfect with club soda. Gin, of course, is optional. Our Hibiscus is a contemporary take on bright and tropical -- we keep it bitter enough to balance refreshingly with your favorite club soda or spirit. And truly unique, our Cola Syrup takes the best parts of both these classics and perfectly pairs them together. We like to think it's what cola tasted like before it got bogged down with all that sugar and fake stuff. Ours is dry, aromatic and perfect with club soda or aged spirits.



Hibiscus Hound Cocktail

Fewer drinks are more classic and more refreshing than a Greyhound made with fresh grapefruit juice. Its Hibiscus counterpart is one of them. Hella Hibiscus cocktail mixer is made with real dried hibiscus flower petals and vanilla bean.


  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz Hella Hibiscus Cocktail Syrup
  • 1 oz fresh grapefruit juice

Fill a glass with ice. Pour in Vodka, Hibiscus Syrup, and grapefruit juice. Stir gently until ice cold and garnish with a lime wedge. Try topping with a few dashes of our Smoked Chili Bitters for a smokey kick.


“Each ingredient adds another layer of flavor.”

We make all of our syrups using real cinchona bark, fresh lemongrass, citrus peel and whole spices. Each ingredient adds another layer of flavor. They are crafted by hand and take a little over three days to make. Why? Like all infusions, time is a necessary ingredient. It requires all three days for the filtered water to thoroughly extract the flavor of each botanical in our formulas. After the infusion is complete, we remove the solids, filter and sweeten with real cane sugar. We also add just the right touch of citric acid, so the syrups have a bright acidity. What’s left is a balanced and pleasant bitterness that makes our syrups perfect for cocktail lovers seeking refined satisfying flavors.




Simply put, bitters create layers of flavor and structure that just wouldn’t exist without them. They’re like salt and pepper for your drinks. A few dashes add flavor and character to your favorite cocktails, seltzer water and are great additions to your cooking adventures as well.

A flavor extract made by infusing roots, bark, spices fruit and herbs in alcohol."

Historically prescribed for their medicinal properties it wasn’t until early in the 19th century that these potent remedies became a fundamental ingredient in cocktails. Bitters formulas can be highly coveted and are well guarded by their keepers.

Bitters formulas are famous for the quantity and obscurity of ingredients used to render the final product. Some famous bitter aperitifs are said to have upwards of 130 botanical ingredients ranging from roots to fruits to flowers. Although ours doesn't have that many (how bout a couple dozen), we do take our ingredients very seriously.

Hella Bitters is handcrafted one small batch at a time. We begin by sourcing the best ingredients we can find. Next, by harnessing classic techniques we carefully peel fruit, slice ginger and bundle spices together in fine mesh bags to ensure a consistent infusion batch to batch. All of these ingredients are then added to stainless steel tanks with neutral grain spirit, filtered water and the clock starts.

Bitters formulas can be highly coveted and are well guarded by their keepers."

Over the next 30 days, the mixture is stirred and tasted daily as the spirit extracts the essential oils and transforms from a clear, odorless substance into our vibrant aromatic bitters. Finally, we filter and sweeten with just a touch of caramel syrup before bottling. A little caramel not only helps deepen the color, it also pronounces all the aromatics already taking shape.


Craft Your Own Bitters###cyob###


We've spent years obsessing over the craft of bitters and have developed the perfect spice blends to make homemade Aromatic and Citrus bitters. The Craft Your Own Bitters kit contains all the tools needed to craft two batches of delicious cocktail bitters in your own home. Simply combine the spirit of your choice with our secret blends and follow a few simple steps to create one-of-a-kind small batch bitters. Your next cocktail will thank you.


What’s in the Kit

Each kit contains:

  • 2 x glass infusion jars
  • 4 x 2 oz. apothecary style dropper bottles
  • 1 x custom machine steel funnel
  • 1 x custom machine steel strainer
  • 1 x proprietary Citrus spice blend
  • 1 x proprietary Aromatic spice blend

Out of the box, our citrus and aromatic blends are a delicious accompaniment to your home bar. Included are one tin each of an Aromatic and Citrus formula. The two glass jars are simple handsome and functional. Once your bitters are ready, you can filter them into the four apothecary dropper bottles. Two for each flavor you create so you can keep one and give one away as a gift!

“You’ll find plenty of uses for these premium quality tools in your kitchen and home bar.”

The custom machined fine mesh strainer and funnel were built to nest perfectly within one another. We know you’ll find plenty of uses for these premium quality tools in your kitchen and home bar.

Using the Kit

Acquire a spirit to serve as the base for your bitters. Vodka is a great place to start because of its neutral taste. You’ll need 8 oz / 235 ml of base spirit for each of the Aromatic and Citrus bitters (16 oz / 470 ml total). If you’d like to get crafty, you can experiment with using a different base spirit, just be sure it is at least 80 proof (greater than 40% alcohol).

Add the contents of the Aromatic Blend tin to an infusing jar. Fill the jar to just below the cap with the selected spirit. Screw on the cap and shake for 5 seconds. Repeat the process with the Citrus Blend tin and remaining infusing jar.

We've spent years obsessing over the craft of bitters."

Steep the bitters for 21 days. To help the infusion, shake your bitters every other day. Agitating the liquid helps extract flavor from the ingredients.

Strain the contents of each infusing jar into two dropper bottles, using the provided fine-mesh strainer and funnel. Strain the remaining bitters into separate vessels, discarding the solids. Rinse the infusing jars and refill with the extra bitters. Now you've waited long enough, make a cocktail already!


The Old Fashioned Kit###ofk###


The Old Fashioned Kit The quintessential Old Fashioned cocktail dates back to pre-prohibition America. Our kit comes with everything you need to bring this American classic into your home. Simply combine the sugar cubes with our aromatic bitters, muddle thoroughly, add the whiskey of your choice, ice and an orange peel.


Old Fashioned cocktail dates back to pre-prohibition America"

What’s in the Kit

Each kit contains:


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