• Mexican Chocolate Bitters

    *** We made these bitters for the first time when we were experimenting with flavor profiles that would benefit a nice aged tequila. We love the warming depth of Mexican chocolate. It's mix of baking spice and chili pepper result in a satisfying complexity. 
  • Simple Orange Bitters

    *** If you crack an old cocktail book you're liable to notice two bitters appear frequently. The first, Aromatic will always be the most prevalent, but right behind it is Orange. Good orange bitters are hard to come by but they are quintessential to any bar. This recipe is deceptively simple. 
  • Cranberry Ginger Bitters

    *** Cranberry and Ginger are two ingredients that are meant for each other. They also happen to be incredibly versatile. With distinct bitterness and intensity they play well not just with milder spirits like vodka but can also stand up to the richness of brandy and whiskies. These bitters add a unique seasonal twist to any cocktail you can dream up. 
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