Cheese Plate X Rosé Spritz

 Cheese is the perfect rosé wing-man, and not just because the two are amazingly delicious together. All that fat and protein in cheese slows the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream, so you can drink more wine. And that tart rosé also cleanses your palate, so you can eat more cheese. That means you can literally rosé all day!

When picking out the right cheese, avoid anything too strong or funky which can overpower the delicate wine. And for the perfect rosé, choose ones that are dry, tart, and/or bubbly which, unlike sweeter varieties, are the easiest to pair with cheese.


Ball Park Dog X Bloody Mary 

Celery salt calls to mind two things: hot dogs and Bloody Marys!  Putting the classic drink and all-American food together will leave you wondering why you haven't tried it before. The bright, sweet acidity of tomatoes along side the clean peppery notes of vodka is a match made in palate heaven for the deep, complex umami flavoring of a juicy, beefy dog.


Grilled Burger X Rosemary Collins

They say the burger & beer is the all-time pairing, but our twist on the English cocktail deserves nothing less than a grilled-to-perfection burger, too. The citrus and herbaceous notes of the Rosemary Collins will cut through the fat of your juicy burger while the carbonation cleanses and primes your taste buds for the next beautiful bite.


S'mores X Old Fashioned

This is the perfect, unexpected dessert for your party. Grab your favorite whiskey with oak, vanilla and spice notes for your Old Fashioned, and put together the best s'more of your life. With this you'll experience the unanticipated yet brilliant collaboration of sweet, spicy, earthy and bitterness coming together in your mouth - it will be unforgettable!

 Ceviche X Strawberry Margarita

 Ceviche + Margarita = Citrus heaven + Strawberries = Mind Blown!

Summer's last great pool weekend calls for fresh bites and fresher sips. And the agave flavor of tequila is a natural fit alongside the popular seafood dish, so it's only necessary to have a vivid cocktail that matches the array of seafood. The hint of sweetness from the strawberries helps tone down the sour notes you get from the cilantro-lime marinade. So you can enjoy more and pucker less.

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