Bitters & Soda

Premium, sparkling non-alcoholic apéritifs. Discover five botanically-inspired flavors of all-natural bitters & soda — crushable on their own, delightful when mixed.


Hella Delicious Bitters & Soda

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Zero-sugar, all-natural.

All of the bubbly benefits of sparking Bitters & Soda with none of the sugar. Bitters impart a huge amount of flavor with little to no calories. So by blending whole spices, real fruit peel, and bitterroot with Zero-Sugar, you can enjoy the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial powers of Bitters without interruption.

The Zero-Sugar Variety Pack contains:

3x cans of Classic Dry Aromatic
3x cans of Grapefruit
3x cans of Lemon Lime
3x cans of Ginger Turmeric

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Curious to sample the full line of Bitters & Soda? You're not alone. That's why we created a variety pack of all five flavors, including Bittersweet Spritz Aromatic. Calorically on par with premium Tonic Water, Spritz is perfectly balanced and mixes incredibly with spirits or even coffee. (Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.)

The All Five Flavors Variety Pack contains:

4 x cans of Bitter Sweet Spritz2 x cans of Classic Dry Aromatic2 x cans of Grapefruit2 x cans of Lemon Lime2 x cans of Ginger Turmeric

One time order: $39.95
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Confidence, Choice, Celebration

Buzz Optional

Not drinking? No problem! Whether you’re imbibing, not imbibing, or anywhere in between, Hella serves elevated choice for everyone, always, inspiring you to be confident just as you come.

That #NoMosa Life

Call it "sober curious" or just just downright damn delicious. Hella Cocktail’s flavorful, low-calorie Bitters & Soda mixed with fresh squeezed OJ is hands-down one of our favorite zero-alcohol day drinks.

Zero sugar. Flavor guaranteed, buzz optional.

...or go straight for your favorite

Crushable on its own. Delightful when mixed.

Classic Dry 12-Pack
$ 39.95

Delicious solo or mixed with your favorite spirit

Grapefruit 12-Pack
$ 39.95

Boldly unsweetened with ripe grapefruit

Herbal benefits of ginger and turmeric

Mix with lemonade for a Zero-Proof cocktail

Bittersweet Spritz 12-pack
$ 39.95

A versatile one-step cocktail ingredient

Hella Good Customer Reviews

“It takes 30 days to make bitters correctly. In other words, discount bitters aren't bitters. Hella makes its own bitters. By adding soda, Hella created a Compari-like drink, but without alcohol.”


“Do you like soda? Do you not like too much sugar in your drink? Do you want to feel fancy while drinking a bevvie, no matter if its out of a solo cup or in a crystal goblet? Then, my friend, I must suggest this stuff. Heavin in a can.”


“I’ve been really into bitter cocktails for a while and have been looking for a good soda replacement for when I don’t want to drink alcohol. This my friends, is the answer.”


“I have tried this product three ways so far. Alone over ice (delicious)! Mixed with vodka (delicious) and topped with champagne and fresh mint (delicious). Will continue to try new options!”


“I discovered these at my local Whole Foods and am absolutely hooked. They're perfect on their own for nights I'm not drinking. I absolutely love the bitterness.”


“Amazing. Like tonic water all grown up. I bought it to try because it was sugar free, but was amazed by how good it was. It makes a great drink on its own with plenty of ice and some cucumber.”


“The flavor and fizz are just awesome. I gave up alcohol for Lent, and this beverage has helped fulfill my cravings for a flavorful and fancy beverage.”

daniel p. | VERIFIED BUYER

“Really enjoyed all from the 12 pack of 4 different flavors! I like this as an alternative to my cocktail or beer and they are refreshing and low cal, low carb, low sugar. I definitely will be ordering more.”


WTF are Bitters?

Cocktail Bitters are a flavorful infusion of Spices, Fruit Peel, and Bitter Roots. Traditionally used by the dash-full in classic cocktails, bitters share their origin with herbal remedies and cure-alls found today in alternative medicine. Behind the bar, they are a bartender's spice cabinet and used creatively to counterbalance notes of tart and sweet. And, now, for the first time, Hella Bitters & Soda is the sparkling non-alcoholic aperitif made with craft cocktail bitters.

Hella Cocktail Co.

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"The combo of allspice, bitterroot and orange peel is heavenly!"

"Aromatic bitters are perfect for any season."

"This non-alcoholic creation is downright perfect."

Meet the Hella Curious

"Wildly refreshing in the summer heat and has a bright colour and complex flavor."


"What I love about these bitters and soda is that they’re gluten free, they’re vegan and they’re non alcoholic so I can enjoy them on an every day basis."


”For me nothing beats a nice cheese platter, some Italian antipasti and a drink. But sometimes I'm not in the mood for alcohol and its harsh effects, so that's why I love Bitters & Soda!! Their formula contains aromatics like clove, allspice, bitter root, and orange peel and it tastes great over ice with a couple of orange slices!”


“Life is a matter of choices.”


"The flavor is impeccable, it was very on point. It was actually sweeter than I thought because it’s sugar free. Most definitely will be drinking these with and without alcohol."


“I’ve been looking for a drink that helps me to have a good digestion before eating to make me feel lighter. I just found out about these amazing @hellabittersandsoda drinks and they’re absolutely delicious!! You should definitely try it! I promise you won’t regret at all!


“Really awesome spring mocktails! The alcohol free life has opened SO MANY doors and introduced me to so many new & amazing people. I’m eternally grateful for the version of me that FINALLY decided to stop letting booze control my life!

@soberincentralpark & @soberandfunky

"Hella Cocktail bitters are perfect for experienced bartenders or amateur cocktail makers looking to add bold, beautiful flavors for a craft drinking experience."


"I love a good flavored drink that you can just take on the go. It has 0 sugar and it’s gluten free!"

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