Bitters Starter Set

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Three unique small-batch flavors in one set. Each formula is produced with a particular spirit in mind; these flavors are delicious, versatile, and crafted for both the professional bartender and the hobbyist. Each set includes three 5 oz bottles.

    ✔︎ Certified Non-GMO
    ✔︎ Always Made from Whole Botanicals
    ✔︎ Excellent in Cocktails & Cooking


    Water, Alcohol, Wormwood, Caramel, Gentian & Spices

    Q: Do Bitters contain alcohol?

    A: Yes, Hella Bitters contain alcohol as an ingredient but are not considered an "Alcoholic Beverage" because they are used in trace amounts in a beverage. Much like Vanilla Extract, Hella Bitters are an alcohol-based "flavor extract." Anyone with allergies or who is restricted to or choose to consume 0% alcohol should not consume our bitters.

    Q: Why is there Caramel in Hella Bitters?

    A: We use natural caramelized sugar as a sweetener right before bottling Hella Bitters. This is not the same as caramel color and is a completely natural way to round out intensely bitter flavors.

    Q: How long will Bitters last after opening?

    A: Hella Bitters are shelf-stable indefinitely and do not require refrigeration after opening.

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    Bitters Starter Set
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